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Marriage Brokers
We present here the best proposals and find the best match for brides & grooms from all types of communities.
Matrimonial Bureaus
Due to an enormous knowledge of this business, we are involved in providing matrimonial bureaus services.
Matrimonial Counsellors
We have skilled counsellors who guide, assist, give advice to the marital partners for managing troubles.
Digamber / Shwetamber Jains
A simple and solemn affair, a Jain wedding is a series of rituals like Phere, Havan and Granthi Bandhan.
Bengali, Oriya and Assamese
These wedding is a series of rituals that are conducted prior to, during and immediately after wedding.
Brahmin, Rajput and Kayastha
These Wedding comprises of various ceremonies such as Tilak & the Ban(commencement of wedding ceremony).
Sunni and Shia Muslims
Once the Ijazat from the bride is obtained, the Nikah ceremony is conducted in the presence of the Qazy.

About Us
We, Sarva Jana Manamalai, situated at Singanallur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu realize that marriage, being one of the most important and sacred events in every culture, is not only the union of two individual souls but also of two families. We are the pioneer and prominent matrimonial services provider of efficient and reliable matrimonial services including match making, personal consultancy and other related allied services to individuals living in the country. Our company works diligently to create a rich and enormous database of high profile clients. Our teams are well versed in the dynamics of the marriage system of every community. We have dedicated teams that work meticulously in order to cater to the requirements of various categories of clients.
Why Us
Database of Millions of members
We have a wide choice from all the communities and a large NRI database so you can find your life partner with the assistance of the world's largest matchmaking service.
Strict Profile screening system
Our CRM team is committed to ensure that every profile put up in our database is screened to ensure you continue to have a smooth partner search experience.
State of art search technology
Our customization, filtering, and blocking systems strive to build technology that will only bring you matches that are relevant to you.
Total Privacy Control
Safety and privacy, of the member is top priority. Being a certified matchmaking portal we let you decide who to give your contact information to.